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The school faculty, consisting of highly trained professionals, concerns itself with the individual development of each child. We feel that no child should be forced beyond their readiness level, and all children need the time, place and opportunity to develop into competent individuals. In addition, we assist the children in pursuing their questions, extending their experiences and then to invest importance in those experiences. Discussing with the children the implications of their questions, we thereby enable them to realize the power to deal with and to adapt to the realities of their own environment.

The staff reinforces the philosophy of developing each child's self-worth and provides a total conceptual learning experience at their own particular developmental level.

We present opportunities for physical, social and intellectual growth in a program providing the following modules: quiet time and activity, contemplation and creativity, as well as work and fun. The program will invite exploration, discovery, problem-solving and academic achievement at the developmental level of each individual child.

We understand the importance of imagination and the emerging intellect of children and we promote the creative problem solving abilities of each child. We do this by taking care not to make any excessive or unreasonable demands upon the child.

We are here to help facilitate our children to become learners rather than achievers or performers. A performer does everything he or she can to "please" the teacher or parent. A learner is a child who is excited about the world, filled with wonder, love, joy and a sense of fun.

"The goal of education," said Jean Piaget, a noted psychologist, "is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to increase the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create people who are capable of doing new things."

If we can give each child a lifelong love of learning, then we have indeed succeeded!