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Just wanted to respond to those asking about Kiddie Korner. Let me know if you have any more questions, you can email me directly.

After scouring the Mommy lists and blogs searching for the perfect day care, my husband and I found Kiddie Korner and couldn’t be happier.

We have two kids enrolled (1 and 3.5) and are thrilled that both boys love going to “school” and have made good friends—and are also learning, playing and growing! The teachers are available, helpful, kind and patient. The director is always accessible for a chat or to answer questions. They put kids first in every way.

The teachers even send pictures each week and fill out a daily journal detailing their day!

One of the other things that we love about Kiddie Korner is that there are tons of after school activities (pajama party, delivering soup to the elderly, etc), during school activities (yoga, soccer, gymnastics, art, etc) and even parent activities to participate in (cocktail receptions, play date meet ups). You really get to know the other families and share and grow with them as well.

Bottom line—we love it!
- Sarah

We are truly lucky to be a part of the Kiddie Korner family. Both our children have been there since their toddler years (our oldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall). Kiddie Korner has brought so much joy, love, encouragement and stimulation to our children's lives. They have created an extremely warm, loving and accepting environment - one that embraces and celebrates each individual child for who they are. Our children are always welcomed each morning with loving hearts and their own smiles and excitement when they walk through the door says it all. There are a myriad of stimulating daily activities - from yoga, to music, to trips, to outdoor play and several special guests! We will forever be grateful to everyone at Kiddie Korner for the exceptional, loving home they provide each and every day.
- Stephanie Shaps

I can't express my gratitude to the Kiddie Korner teachers and staff enough. They have, not only, given my children a strong academic base to grow from, but have helped mold them through, love, patience, and compassion into happy, inquisitive, caring, and outgoing children. From the first day of school until today my children look forward to seeing their Morah's every day, and come home telling me about all of the new things they learned in school. Kiddie Korner is the best pre-school that I could have chosen for my kids!!!
- Shira Eisenberg, BCBA, mom to Elyana and Rephael.

One of the scariest things I’ve done, in my life as a mom, is leave my baby in someone else’s care – I am so lucky that I found Shternie Raskin and Kiddie Korner. Now 2, my daughter has been nurtured and cared for by Kiddie Korner’s team of loving teachers and caregivers since she was four months old. She goes off happily to school each morning, and I am confident that each day she will be encouraged, challenged and loved.
- Kara S.

My twins flourished at Kiddie Korner Preschool. When they began school they were behind in speaking and painfully shy around other children. At Kiddie Korner they were embraced and loved and it brought out the best in both kids. Their vocabularies developed exponentially. They made real friendships. They gained a ton of confidence. Sending them to Kiddie Korner was the best decision we made.
- Michelle I.

Our son has been cared for at Kiddie Korner since he was 2 months old — and he's now 4 and a half! We couldn't imagine a better place for a growing kid to flourish. The protectiveness of the staff towards the children is passionate and personal — we always felt that we were leaving him in hands as good as (or even in some instances better than) our own. The children at Kiddie Korner are known and loved for who they are and encouraged to be imaginative, friendly, kind and free.
- Anne E.

Dear Shternie,
I just had to share this quote from Maya, "Sometimes I get scared. When I get scared the only thing that helps is a mezuzah because I know the mezuzah protects us."
Love her! And her wonderful Kiddie Korner education!
- Rebecca

Hello to our Morahs!

This is Zack, from school years 2012-2014. He is doing great, and just scored in the top 10th of the 99th percentile on the public school Gifted & Talented test. We are thankful every day for the wonderful and loving start you all gave him in school!

Happy Mothers Day!

- Zack and his family

  Hi Shternie! Alice just started her new pre-k, so I've of course been thinking about Kiddie Korner a lot. After KK, it's impossible that I'd be really happy anywhere else! We just switched her from a Pre-k in our zoned public school to one of the new pre-k only centers, and it's much better, but it's no Kiddie Korner for sure. I appreciated you guys last year, but now I appreciate all you did to build a loving community even more. It was such a great first year of school for Alice, and for us, and we're very grateful...although we were completely spoiled by it all - daily text updates with photos, regular community-building events (dinner at your house!!), Dave smiling at the door every morning. We are definitely adjusting to the difference. Hope the new school year is off to a good start for you! We're thinking about you

- Kim