Kiddie Korner Gala December 5,2017

Name Of Attendee/s 



Admissions: 36.00 per Person and 60.00 per couple

 Total: PayPal/Credit Card 

                                                                Sponsorship Opportunities:

                                                                $36.00 Sponsor a Parent

                                                              $60.00 Sponsor a Couple

                                                               $180.00 Sponsor Art Supplies

                                                                $500.00 Sponsor the Bar 

                                                                 $600.00 Sponsor the Photo Booth

                                                                 $1,000.00 Sponsor the Sushi 

                                                          Raffle Tickets (available after November 20th 2017):

                                                                   1 Raffle Tickets: $5.00

                                                                   10 Raffle Tickets: $40.00

                          * To place an early bird bid on your child's class artwork please email your class name and the bid amount. The minimum bid is $175.00

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