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Upcoming Events
Dear BHJLeaders,

A big thank you to all those who responded with their suggestions.

I am pleased to announce that we have some exciting BHJL events coming up:

Saturday Night, May 21 @ 9:30 -

Rabbi Leibl Wolf, renowned Lawyer and Educational Psychologist, will lead the discussion on 'Love Is Not A Two Way Road'.

Friday Night, June 4 @ 7:50- Mix and Match Shabbat:

You will be set up with a family to experience a beautiful Shabbat meal.

Saturday, June 12- Shavuot

Come to the synagogue to hear the Ten Commandments and join in for a full Dairy meal!

Friday, June 17- Professionals Event

Hear first hand about the experiences of a  businessman/woman practicing in the professional world while maintaining Jewish values, and learn practical and invaluable lessons for your own life.

Please email me so we can make it happen!

Eliyahu & Shaindy Raskin

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Come join use for a crash course on Pesach. At Yoni and Raquel  home at 8pm
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