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The Beauty of Mikvah

The Mikvah is a mystical pool of rainwater that transports a person back to the very origins of spiritual purity. It is the mystical key to a heavenly marriage because its properties are magnetic, creating an exhilarating attraction between man and woman. It is the essential component of a fulfilling marriage based on the Laws of Family Purity. Those who know its 2000-year-old secrets have mastered the foundation for a wonderful marriage.

 If you are married or considering that significant step, the mikvah provides you with spiritual insurance for lifelong happiness.

 Our Mikvah serves women in a sensitive fashion that enhances the meaning of this ritual and encourages continued participation. It enables each woman to discover the spiritual mystery in this life-fulfilling Mitzvah in a tranquil and supportive setting.


Our Mikvah

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 About Us

 Just wanted to tell you that I recently brought a kallah to your mikvah. Beautiful place. And your mikvah attendant took care of every detail so that experience was both physically and spiritually beautiful. A hidden gem in Brooklyn Heights. 
-- Devora Kraznianski